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Noticeļ¼š All the pictures and videos are collected from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original creator. Since all pictures and videos are automatically collected from the Robot program(just like Google robots) and the number is very large and has not been manually screened. Some of them may infringe on individual rights. We apologize.If you find a picture or video that violates your rights, please tell us which picture or video is and send us the URL of the page that where photo or video is in. We will process your request within 24 hours. From now on,you can report it fastly from the link named "report" on the image,please don't send email to us,thanks
Your email must contain the following two items: page url or gallery page url
2. photo or video source url(right click the source and select menu "Copy link URL" )
You should know:
Our website only store the image urls and the video urls that collected from tumblr blog,we can delete the urls from our server ,but we can not delete from tumblr blog,you can contact tumblr offical to delele the source permanent.